The Broadway Critic follows what’s happening in the San Francisco Bay Area theatre scene, as well as on Broadway & London. It will feature reviews, commentary, news, and other exciting theatre information.

Every time I see a show, I have so much to say about it, whether it’s good or bad. That’s why I love theatre so much. It always creates a dialogue, some more than others, but there’s always something to be said. I’ve have seen so many wonderful and not-so-wonderful productions in the last 10 years, and unfortunately my thoughts and experiences haven’t been documented until now. Because of the amount of theatre I see, I want to make sure that I write down my thoughts and experiences so I don’t forget and also to share with my readers.

I wish I would have written down what I thought about my first trip to NYC when I saw Aida, RENT, Swing and Les Miserables. Or when I met Jason Robert Brown, after seeing The Last Five Years Off-Broadway. Or when a touring production of Cabaret in Salt Lake City and half of the audience walked out! The list goes on and on! Though, I’ll never forget those experiences, I’ll never be able to relive them the same way that I can when I write a review.

I want you to express your opinions too, even if you hate mine. Just be nice; I try to be.

And come back often.


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  1. You saw “The Last Five Years” Off-Broadway?!?! Wow, that is incredible! It would have been so great to see Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz together. I saw “Aida” and it was amazing!

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