Pasek & Paul @ Feinstein’s at Nikko, 7/19

Pasek and Paul

Last night, Pasek & Paul charmed us at the newly-opened Feinstein’s at the Nikko, a lovely cabaret space at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. Apparently, since their old home in New York City is being renovated, Feinstein’s decided to make its home in San Francisco bringing some of Broadway to the West Coast. Last night, Pasek & Paul filled in for Faith Prince who was previously engaged to perform this weekend. After Prince was cast as Miss Hannigan in the revival of Annie on Broadway, she had to pull out of her engagement which led us to Pasek & Paul filling in. A great choice for the West Coast to get to know these two new Tony-nominated composers better and in a great intimate cabaret space.

The main thing I was so surprised about was not that Pasek & Paul can actually sing (which they can and they talk about how no one has any expectations of their singing voice because they are composers), but that Pasek & Paul are so charming. Their stories in between songs were just as funny and entertaining as their songs. This talented duo sang songs from their shows: Dogfight, Edges, James and the Giant Peach, and the Tony-nominated A Christmas Story. My favorite song of the night ended up being their song that they wrote for the dead TV show SMASH, called “Rewrite this Story”. The story that goes with this song is equally as great as the song. It was a huge highlight of the night.

Of course, they couldn’t sing their entire catalogue in one cabaret performance, but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that they didn’t sing more songs from Dogfight — a new show that I’ve fallen in love with. If you do not own the cast recording, please go buy it, because it’s got some fantastic music on it. I really wanted them to have a guest singer come up and sing, “Pretty Funny” — one of my favorite Pasek & Paul songs. (I do know they are having guests perform at the their second show tonight, which there are still tickets for.) Even without “Pretty Funny”, I was happy that I was able to hear other music of theirs that I wasn’t familiar with.

It was great getting to know these composers a little better and I know we will see a lot more of them in the future. I look forward to following their careers.


One thought on “Pasek & Paul @ Feinstein’s at Nikko, 7/19

  1. Such a huge fan of these up and coming stars. Pasek and Paul are amazing. Enjoyed this article.

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