Obsessed with KING KONG, the musical’s new songs

KING KONG Musical Logo

I haven’t posted in quite some time…

And my posts might change a little in the future – a little less formal with less reviews, and with more commentary on the theatre scene in general. (I’ll explain in a different post.)

But first…

KING KONG, the musical.

I’m obsessed with their new tracks — completely obsessed. First of all, two of my favorite things in the entire world: Sarah McLachlan and musical theatre has mixed — something I never thought would happen. This is a huge deal.

That’s the first thing, and then the second thing is how I’m in love with the leading lady’s voice. Esther Hannaford’s “Full Moon Lullaby” is fantastic. I think it’s because it doesn’t sound like a “musical theatre voice”. Whatever it is, I’m hooked.

Take a listen here to “What’s it Gonna Take” by Sarah McLachlan and “Full Moon Lullaby” sung by Esther Hannaford:

What do you think? Do you like the music?

Will it come to Broadway?


2 thoughts on “Obsessed with KING KONG, the musical’s new songs

    1. Completely agree, the production has to be one of the most expensive and the story telling is very vague I could only follow because I watched the previous movies but the music is amazing and you should just watch it for this reason alone. Esther Hannaford singing full moon lullaby alone is well worth the ticket price.

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