Twitter Response to the first preview of “The Book of Mormon” in San Francisco

The Book of Mormon has hit the Bay Area! The first show was on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 and twitter was blowing up with some awesome tweets about the show!

Here are some of my favorites! If you do see the show, make sure you tweet about it and use the hashtag: #MormonSF


@JustinLedezma #MormonSF was a total blast… I have never laughed so hard at a show like that! Took my bro in law, his 1st show ever, he loved it!@shnsf

@JenisaNazzaro OMG anyone else think #JonahHill & #RyanReynolds need to head the #BookOfMormon movie?! #MormonSF #iBelieve ⛪

@mmorgangracee The Book of #MormonSF was so fantastic. Acting, Singing, Choreography, Stage, Lighting, Everything!!!!

@AgentAkit Book of Mormon was absolutely amazing! #mormonsf @ SHN Curran Theatre

@Nettie_Mo Intermission!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I ❤ @gavincreel!!! He’s sooooo bringing it tonight!! @shnsf @BookofMormonBWY#MormonSF

@jefftabaco And hello, @gavincreel IS awesome. I’m already planning to come back, man up, and try for rush tickets soon! #mormonsf @shnsf

@thomwatson .@shnsf We’ve been cry-laughing –craughing?– throughout the entire hilarious first act of #MormonSF

@jefftabaco The Mormons have 3 pages of ads in Book of #MormonSF playbill. Interesting PR move. @shnsf

@logainne Holy shit #mormonsf. I haven’t heard a crowd like this since @BookofMormonBWY fan day! Bravo @gavincreel & @JaredGertner et al!

@safire Hello! @BookofMormonBWY #MormonSF

@TessCollins@shnsf#LotteryFever@BookOfMormonBWY” That’s me with the red hair.

@ceilidhmorrison BOOK OF MORMON. OH MY GOD IM SO EXCITED. #MormonSF@shnsf

@shnsf Before #MormonSF‘s first show tonight, Carole Shorenstein Hays welcomes the cast. @BookOfMormonBWY @gavincreel

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