What Is Really Happening at “Scandalous”?

It’s being reported that both the matinee and evening performances of Scandalous today, Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, are being cancelled “to allow Carolee Carmello physician-ordered vocal rest.”

Physician-ordered vocal rest? Your big star has done a total of 30 performances, and already has to go on vocal rest? That’s not a very good sign at all.

Apparently, Carmello holds the entire show together and only leaves the stage for 11 minutes, plus intermission. That’s a big job for anyone, but as producers, they should have anticipated these issues with throwing someone into that “type” of role, 8 times a week, without any reprieve or a good understudy. If the role is really that tiresome, than maybe Carmello needs a double, similar to Eva Peron in Evita.

To be honest, all of this “vocal rest” business is scarier than just saying “we are cancelling today’s performances because we need to fix a bunch of stuff before we open.” One day of vocal rest can help someone’s fatigue significantly, but throwing her back into it a day later will not generate great results if the true problem is “vocal fatigue”.

A friend, who saw the show last night, said when asked about Carmello’s vocal fatigue, “It didn’t sound like it to me, but she is pretty much in every scene and it’s three hours long so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s taking its toll.” I’m glad that last night’s performance wasn’t affected, but then it makes me wonder if it’s really “vocal fatigue” that the show is battling. And three hours? My goodness. (Cut something, guys!)

But, interestingly enough, the producers have mentioned that “…most of the major press has already attended performances, so no change of opening is expected due to Carmello’s absence.” (It sucks if you were planning on reviewing the show today.)

All of this isn’t a good sign, especially since I was reporting earlier this week that Scandalous‘ ticket sales are not good.

In any case, we wish Carmello a speedy recovery and hope she gets feeling better.


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