Is “Scandalous” Gonna Make It on Broadway?

Set in 1920s Los Angeles, Scandalous is based on the life of Aimee Semple McPherson, the trailblazing media superstar whose passion for saving souls was matched by her passion for making headlines. Holiness collides with Hollywood in the extraordinary tale of one woman’s charismatic rise to fame. But as her popularity grows, so do her enemies, until her sermons, her celebrity and her past combine to put everything she believes in on trial.

Today, I got an offer for 2-for-1 tickets for all preview performances.

I can’t remember a show giving away free tickets before to the general public. Ever. (If I’m wrong… comment — I’d love to know what other shows have done the same offer.)

If you are in NYC, you should definitely jump at the opportunity to see this. As I reported last week, Hurricane Sandy, took a huge hit on the Scandalous’ box office profits. I questioned on whether or not the show was going to last because it only took in $117,402 that week. The next week, wasn’t much better — actually their average ticket cost went down from $31.12 to $26.90. $26.00 is not enough to keep this show afloat. I know that the producers want people to be in the seats, because in this day and age, ticket sales are mostly by word-of-mouth — critics be damned. With more people seeing the show, hopefully that means more people are going to tell other people to see the show, so that by the time it opens on November 18th, the reviews will come out, and hopefully the show will have a “healthy” life and at least, recoup its original investment.

But, I worry, that Scandalous isn’t going to last that much longer. Shows with this low grossing ticket sales have historically closed fairly quickly, especially if they are shows that open in the fall. (Remember Bonnie & Clyde, Lysistrata Jones from last year? Or Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson and The Scottsboro Boys the year before?) The producers won’t want to risk more loss in January/February when the tourists aren’t around.

What do you think? Have you seen Scandalous?

Do you think it’s going to last the winter?

As much as I hate to see Broadway shows close, I just don’t think this one has the name/star power to keep it from going dark.


8 thoughts on “Is “Scandalous” Gonna Make It on Broadway?

  1. Hi BC! I saw “Scandalous ” and I have to say I didn’t think it was atrocious. I thought Carolee was great as always. I thought the story was interesting. I thought it was well directed. What does need some work is probably the succession of like 5 ballads in a row and the choreography or lack there of was a bit not great, but I think people are a little bit out for KLG! I think KLG tries to very hard to bring great work , but people are more judgemental of her. Wicked didn’t have great buzz and the reviews weren’t stellar and on any given day tourists and New Yorkers alike can be found fast asleep in “Phantom…..”. I feel I’ve just seen much much worst in my 1,000 plus showing seeing lifetime. Just Sayin! Hugs Brother! J

      1. With that said Imagine they are going to try to keep it open through Thanksgiving and Sadly they aren’t performing on The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade so that hurts too! J

  2. With the kind of box office it has shown so far and word-of-mouth being very soft, I do not see it lasting long at all. It may close right after it opens unless it gets some good notices. Leap of Faith syndrome.

  3. I saw Scandalous on Saturday. I loved it, and honestly Carolee Carmello better get a TONY award for her stellar performance. She is an icon on Broadway!

  4. Great post! I saw “Scandalous” in previews. Carolee was amazing but the show itself was not. It was way too long and I am afraid it will not stay on Broadway very long. There were no memorable songs which is just too bad.

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