Do You Want Tickets to “The Book of Mormon”?

For all of you who have asked me about how to get tickets to see The Book of Mormon in San Francisco, here’s your only chance:

“THE BOOK OF MORMON, winner of nine Tony Awards including Best Musical, is pleased to announce a lottery ticket policy for the National Tour, which begins November 27 at the SHN Curran Theatre in San Francisco and plays a limited 5 week engagement through December 30. In San Francisco, the production will conduct a pre-show lottery at the box office, making a limited number tickets available at $29 apiece.

The wildly popular lottery for the Broadway production has attracted as many as 800 entries at some performances. The producers of THE BOOK OF MORMON are pleased to offer low-priced lottery seats for every city on the National Tour.

Entries will be accepted at the box office beginning two hours prior to each performance; each person will print their name and the number of tickets (1 or 2) they wish to purchase on a card that is provided. One and a half hours before curtain, names will be drawn at random for a limited number of tickets priced at $29 each. Only one entry is allowed per person. Cards are checked for duplication prior to drawing. Winners must be present at the time of the drawing and show valid photo ID that matches the entry slip to purchase tickets. Limit one entry per person and two tickets per winner. Tickets are subject to availability. Cash only.”

How many of you will try to get lottery tickets?


One thought on “Do You Want Tickets to “The Book of Mormon”?

  1. I am happy SHNSF has decided to do a lottery, but I still feel very bad for all those who are not going to get to see it. I was one of the lucky few who got tickets from the AMEX release, but feel so guilty for all those who did not… It is a shame SHNSF couldn’t get a longer performance contract with the touring show. It truly makes me sad thinking of all those who will miss out on this great theater experience because there were not enough tickets here and/or they do not have the means to see it in NYC.

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