Is the Original Cast of the “Evita” Revival Leaving?

This ad was in my email inbox this morning. Generally, I throw these emails out pretty quickly because I have already seen the show, but this one caught my eye because of the “language” at the top of the ad.

It says: “Final Chance to Save on Ricky Martin, Elena Rogers, & Michael Cerveris in Broadway’s EVITA”.

The wording is tricky and I’m wondering if it’s one of those “the press agent knows more, but hasn’t released the ‘other’ press announcement, yet”.

A similar thing happened a year ago, when I received an email from announcing the closing of Bonnie & Clyde before any press announcements had gone out about a closing notice. The Broadway Critic Blog broke the news before any other outlet did and it was quite a surprise in the Broadway community. (Then, the producers denied it for weeks and then the show ultimately closed on the original date of the email. Read more about that situation here and here.)

The Evita offer is for tickets until December 15th (with a Thanksgiving weekend blackout). Obviously, most shows do not offer any ticket discounts during the holiday season because of the amount of tourists that are in New York City, so that all makes sense. The interesting thing is, after the holidays, does it mean that the Evita cast will be changing? I highly doubt it will be closing — the ticket sales have been very strong, even during Hurricane Sandy. It’s been in the over-a-million-dollar club on Broadway since opening last March. (The only dates it posted a gross below a million was when Ricky Martin was out of the show in July & August.) 

Michael Reidel, of the NY Post, reported, back in August, that Ricky Martin’s contract is through Spring 2013 and the producers are talking to Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias and Antonio Banderas replacing Martin. This speculation has been around since July, when The Guardian was also reporting the same thing. Maybe this means that Rogers or Ceveris is leaving? Obviously, one of the biggest pulls of the show is Ricky Martin, so ticket sales probably wouldn’t be affected that much if either Rogers or Ceveris left the show.

At this point, it’s all speculation, but something will be happening after the holidays — I guess we will all wait and see.

What do you think is going to happen? Have you read any other reports?


2 thoughts on “Is the Original Cast of the “Evita” Revival Leaving?

  1. Ricky is 80% of sales, Elena is not renewing her contract which will be up in March, don’t know about Michael. I heard somewhere that people will be pleased with whomever they replace Elena with. I’m not pleased with the three that Riedel mentioned could replace Ricky.

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