“Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark” Dips Below $1 Million Weekly Gross

For the first time, in over a year, Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark has grossed less than $1 million dollars. Hurricane Sandy is completely to blame for this, as many shows were dark for at least one performance (many for 2 or 3 performances). Spider-man: Turn Off the dark was dark two performances, and only played six of the usual eight performances last week.

Looking at the stats from last week, many shows suffered a huge loss of sales — some shows might not recover. The new musical produced by Kathie Lee, Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson played a total of six preview performances with only a $117,402 gross. That is a devastating gross. Most musicals do not gross under $300,000. If they do gross under that, then generally, the running/producing costs outweigh the actual income and guess what happens? The show posts a closing notice. Not only was Scandalous at a huge loss, but the new revival, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, only posted a gross of $130,347. The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a limited run, so I don’t think that Roundabout Theatre Company will make any hasty decisions about the show’s fate, but I don’t know if Scandalous will fare as well. The show opens on November 15th — the reviews will probably decide its fate.

While powerhouse shows, The Book of Mormon and The Lion King still landed in the million-dollar club, their grosses were also down slightly from last week. The Book of Mormon was only down $90,000 from the previous week — apparently those Mormons are well prepared for any type of storm!

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy has definitely made it’s mark made on the Broadway community, but hopefully there will be no Broadway show causalities. Let’s hope for better numbers next week, and as we go through the holiday season.

**All stats are from Playbillvault.com 


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