Tony Awards- 7 Burning Questions

by: Dan Mason (@djdan1079)

So the Tony nominations are out, Whaddya think? Were your favorite shows and performers recognized??

Here are my 7 biggest questions after seeing the list of nominees:

1) The final score was Porgy & Bess: 10, Follies: 8. How ironic given the fact that Stephen Sondheim was so quick to destroy Diane Paulus’ truncated version of the Gershwin classic before it even opened. Will Mr. Sondheim offer up an apology in the coming weeks? And how exactly will he react if Porgy & Bess pulls off an unlikely upset??

2) Speaking of Follies, the featured actress nomination went to…. Jayne Houdyshell?? No disrespect meant, as Houdyshell is a wonderful actress. You just might not know it if this was the only show you saw her in. I’m pretty sure she only has ten speaking lines, meaning that voters must have REALLY liked that version of “Broadway Baby”

3) Will Leap of Faith’s best musical nomination translate to ticket sales? And will the show, who most assumed would close this weekend, be able to survive until the actual Tony ceremony?? Not if they don’t improve upon their $230,000 weekly gross.  In fact, the Tony nomination might cost the show more money in the long run, as they now have to pay for new marketing to tout their nomination. Not to mention the costs they will incur to perform on the Tony telecast.

4) Speaking of Leap, how exactly does a show get nominated for best musical, but not get recognized in any acting, directing, choreography, book, or music categories??? Leave a comment if you can explain that one

5) Was the American musical theatre art form so dreadful this year that we couldn’t even find 4 shows to recognize for original score?? Did we really have to include plays in that category??

6) Does Broadway still feel compelled to suck from the Andrew Lloyd Webber teat to the point of having to nominate BOTH of his revivals this year, despite lukewarm receptions to both productions?

7) Even though it led all shows with 11 nominations, does Once have enough juice to beat Newsies for best musical?? My gut tells me that since so many of the actual voters represent the touring side of the business, that Newsies will win since it’s an easier sell on the road.


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