Musical Madness- Onto the Sweet 16!!

by: Dan Mason (@djdan1079)

We’ve cut the field down to 16. Overall, our second round matchups failed to provide a lot of drama. Aside from the #2 seed Christine Daae going down to the wire with the #10 Billy Elliott (those triple threats are so hard to take down), all of the matchups were pretty one-sided.

Seven of the tournament’s top eight seeds are still alive, and we have some fantastic matchups scheduled in the round of 16, highlighted by an “All Wicked” semifinal in the Phantom region between Elphaba and Glinda. Who will prevail? The bubble or the broom???

Meanwhile, in the Valjean region, The Witch from Into the Woods has fared well against the African-Americans (Effie White), as well as the Jews (Tevye). Can she put away another bats**t crazy white woman? We’ll find out when she goes head to head with Diana from Next to Normal.

In what can only be called a crushing blow to the Rick Santorum campaign, Miss Hannigan laid the smack down on Jesus in round two, but now has to be equally mighty over evil when she takes on Sweeney Todd.

All four of the #1 seeds are still alive, but perhaps the Phantom looks most vulnerable as he takes on the #13 seed, Belle, who has shown to have a ridiculous amount of supporters thus far.

Get the updated brackets by clicking here and cast your votes for round 3 below


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