It’s Musical Madness at The Broadway Critic Blog

by: Dan Mason (@djdan1079)

Chances are, if you are a diehard theatre fan who reads this blog on a regular basis, you are not the type of person who is inclined to spend four consecutive days in front of the television drinking in every second of coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament.

As a longtime March Madness fan, I maintain that the drama that unfolds this time of year is as good as anything that you can find on the great white way.  Or if the only show you saw this season was Lysistrata Jones, it’s actually ten times more entertaining.  Only during March Madness could a little school like Norfolk State upset a national powerhouse like Missouri, who was widely regarded as a favorite to win the championship. Their center, Kyle O’ Quinn, was the college basketball equivalent of Smash’s Karen Cartwright, going from anonymity to playing on the national stage overnight.

So what would happen if the 64 most iconic characters in musical theatre were matched up in a single elimination tournament?? Who would win?  Would it be the #1 seeded Phantom, whose mask has become synonymous with Broadway? Or would an upstart youngster with so much promise like Elder Cunningham wreck everyone’s brackets??

We are ready to find out.  Click this link to look over the field of 64.

Musical Madness

Starting tomorrow at 5pm PST, we will start the voting and you will choose the winners.

Let the madness begin!


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