5 Reasons to Buy a Ticket to See the Revival of “Godspell” on Broadway

One of my favorite experiences in the theatre is walking into a show and being completely swept away by the production. This is exactly what happened when I saw latest revival of Godspell on February, 16th, 2012. I wasn’t really a fan of this show before I walked in the door, but as I walked out, I became a fan for life.

Here are the five reasons you should buy tickets to see Godspell:

5. Intimate Theatre Experience – With the Gershwin Theatre next door, (the highest seating capacity of any Broadway theatre, with 1,933 seats), Godspell is housed in one of the most intimate theatres on Broadway: The Circle in the Square Theatre. There’s not a bad seat in the house and it’s such a interesting atmosphere with the band situated around the entire house. I don’t know how much I would love that being the musical director, but it did give a fun feel to the overall show. You really feel like you are a part of the company and it allows the audience to be emotionally invested in the piece at a quicker pace than other times I’ve seen this show.

4. Lighting Design – The lighting design by David Weiner was incredible. It was absolutely stunning throughout the entire show, especially during the crucifixion scene.

You can see some of the design in this preview video below:

3. The Cast/Updated Book –  The night I saw it, I saw two understudies in the show: Hannah Elless (Broadway debut that evening), and Corey Mach. While, they were still finding their groove, the entire audience knew they were having fun, especially when Hunter Parrish came on with his big goofy grin. And Morgan Jame’s “Turn Back O Man” was absolutely fantastic! God that girl can belt!

The updated and fresh book gave the feeling that the show wasn’t dated at all. Throughout the entire night they were continually cracking jokes about current social and political topics. The direction, by Daniel Goldstein, was very thoughtful, fun, inventive and created a real community feel. (I loved all of the special effects that were added like the trampolines, Jesus walking on water and the beautiful crucifixion scene which I’ve already mentioned.) The improvisation in the show was extremely witty and super funny. The night we saw it Paul Shaffer (the band director of Late Night with David Letterman) was a guest star at the beginning of Act 2. He sang the original version of “Learn Your Lessons Well”. What a special opportunity and a complete surprise for us in the audience! Afterwards, there was an awesome talk-back that we could ask Paul questions and learn more about the start of Godspell back in 1970.

Overall, it was one of those “special” nights on Broadway where we saw something that will never be recreated.

2. The Updated Score – What a beautiful score! The new arrangements (especially the vocal arrangements) were stunning.

Listen to a few tracks here:

“Prepare Ye”

“All Good Gifts”

“Turn Back O Man”

1. Hunter Parrish’s – “Beautiful City”

This particular version of this song spoke to me. I can’t stop listening to this track. Get your tickets to hear this as soon as possible — word on the street is that Hunter might be leaving the cast this Spring.

Get tickets here.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Buy a Ticket to See the Revival of “Godspell” on Broadway

  1. I absolutely loved this revival. I was a skeptic walking into the show, but I was pulled in right away. I had a spiritual and emotional connection to the show that I wasn’t expecting. The cast was amazing. I saw it the same night you did, and it blew me away. The way Telly sang ALL GOOD GIFTS and Uzo’s BY MY SIDE were simply breathtaking. It is now one of my favorite and most memorable Broadway experiences ever!

    Congrats cast! (now if only Ana Maria would send me that email… it would really sell it for me)

  2. I’ve not seen it yet. I’m headed to NY next month and it’s on my MUST SEE list. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the show, but there are a couple of things that pushed it to the near top of my list: 1.) Wallace Smith. He’s an amazing actor and such a positive person (follow his twitter feed if you don’t already). 2.) The tweet seat event. I followed along from home during the event and it really lit a fire under me to want to see the show even more. I love how the marketing for the show has been handled and the tweet event was just another thing that is fresh & new.

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