2012 Spring Broadway Posters – What’s Your Favorite?

It’s that time of year, when shows are starting rehearsal, full casts are being released and the Spring Broadway buzz is starting! It’s exciting!

Last year I posted the 2011 Spring Broadway Posters and it started a lot of interesting commentary in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook. After 192 votes, Born Yesterday and Wonderland ended up being everyone’s favorites from last year. (Interestingly enough, both of those shows closed early last season.)

Let’s take a look at this year’s posters. I’ve included every play/musical that is on Broadway this Spring season because a lot of the shows have changed their graphics like Chicago, Sister Act, and Memphis. Others like Wicked and The Jersey Boys are too iconic to change (though Phantom has varied it up).

My favorite poster of the new musicals is Newsies. I love the font, the background newspapers and how the star, Jeremy Jordan, is singing and dancing at the same time. The infectious energy is bursting from the poster. It’s gonna be amazing. My close second is Once. I love the simplicity of the poster and how the words come from the guitar. It’s perfect for that show!

My least favorite is Leap of Faith. It seems like a “mock-up”, instead of a finished product. It doesn’t show what the show is about. It doesn’t give us any clue to what we should expect and frankly, as much as I love Raul Esparza, his name is almost bigger than the title of the show. Most people are going to be like: “Who the hell is Raul Esparza?” I’m thinking that they pushed this show to open this Spring and it’s all too soon. (Have you seen their website? It’s terrible.) Hopefully, they will have a new poster before they open this Spring.

Overall, the best play poster is Peter and the Star Catcher. The font is magical, child-like but interesting and makes me want to see the show. It seems so inventive. I absolutely love it. One of my other favorites is A Street Car Named Desire. It’s beautiful.

I don’t really care for the other play posters — big block letters isn’t catchy, or original.

Which poster grabs your attention the most?

Check out all of the 2012 Spring Broadway Posters below… and don’t forget to vote in our poll below.

Now it’s your turn to decide… what’s your favorite new Broadway poster?

Vote below.

Make sure you comment and let us know your thoughts…


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