Twitter Response to “Billy Eilliot” in San Francisco

Last Tuesday, Billy Elliot opened in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theatre. Unfortunately, I missed it because I was flying back from New York City where I saw five shows: Sister Act, The Addams Family, Baby It’s You, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and How to Succeed…. I hope to see Billy Elliot in the upcoming weeks, but I might not get there until the beginning of August considering I still have to see Tales of the City in San Francisco and I’m looking forward to seeing a brand new show, Fly By Night, at Theatreworks. Plus, I haven’t reviewed Billy Elliot on The Broadway Critic Blog, so it’s definitely going to happen.

Billy Elliot has a huge following! It won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2009 and the dancing kids in this show are to-die-for. But, I hate to say this, I wasn’t a huge fan of the show at all when I saw it on Broadway (with the original cast). I felt it lost the “heart” of the movie. I know, I know… I’m in the minority here, but I’m hoping that Faith Prince and the (hopefully) updated set will change my mind.

It seems though, that everyone is loving it. Have you seen it? Anyone seen the Broadway version and can discuss the changes they made for the tour?


@seanieboysfnyc: My dad saw Billy Elliot last nite in #SF and loved it so much he sent me this email: “You’re not a Puff are you?” hahaha #MyDadIsTheBest

@deliarium: Saw Billy Elliot (the musical) in SF last night. It makes me wish I could dance, or be talented in any performing arts capacity whatsoever.

@dauphinlovr: Hey @shnsf, I’m heading up to SF to see “Billy Elliot‘ with @RCorteway. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. Can’t wait to see it.

@NinaVeaco: Go see Billy Elliot…go…now

@erotes: Intermission at Billy Elliot and loving it!!!

@hurleysashimi: Got rush tickets to see Billy Elliot at the Orpheum. Billy‘s being played by a little Filipino boy!

@Chris09cook: Going to watch Billy Elliot tonight at the theatre due to the gf.. But secretly I’m actually quite excited :s

@JimOtermat: Attention makers of the SF Billy Elliot bus posters: When is Septemeber?

@THEjoeWeinberg: That kid who plays Billy Elliot is 15? wow. way to make me feel unaccomplished….

@JayLeila: as excited as I am to see Billy Elliot tonight, I really wish I was home watching more True Blood

@tmth: Back from seeing Billy Elliot at Orpheum Theatre. Thought it was moving, but the attempt at a northerner dialect was cringe worthy!


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