Spider-man Turn Off the Dark Starts Previews Again in One Week

In one week’s time, the legendary and already infamous Spider-man Turn Off the Dark starts previews again. This is after an already recording-breaking number of preview performances that started last November. (Can you believe that it was last November when this entire fiasco started?)

A few things to note on their new flier:

  • “RE-IMAGINED!” – Re-imagined from what? Wasn’t Julie Taymor’s creation an already reimagined version of Spider-man? I guess they are just prepping the audience for a completely different show. Does this mean they are going to be in previews for another 5 1/2 months?
  • “New Story! New Music!” – Julie Taymor’s story has now been eradicated and Bono and The Edge have finally looked at the music and re-worked it. Thank God!
  • Tickets are, in fact, being sold until October 2nd – hopefully that means there will be a real opening at some point this summer. Technically the opening is June 14th (two days after this year’s Tony Awards), but I won’t believe it until I actually see the Opening Night Playbill and subsequent coverage on Playbill.com.
  • They will be technically eligible for the 2012 Tony Awards (though at this point they’ve probably pissed off every Tony voter, so it’s probably a moot point).
  • “Now in NYC on Broadway” appears at the bottom of the flier — is this a precursor for a new announcement? Is Spider-man Turn Off the Dark going to Las Vegas? (We all think it would be a better fit!)
What do you think? Is New York City and Broadway ready for the newly re-imagined Spiderman Turn Off the Dark? Are you going to see it again?
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