Theatre Review: “Rock of Ages” @ Curran Theatre (SF Tour), 03/09/11

Get ready to rock San Francisco! The Rock of Ages Broadway tour is in town.

I always forget how much fun you can have at a Broadway show, until a show like Rock of Ages rolls along. It gets you singing, clapping, screaming, and rocking out all under the guise of musical theatre. The presentational quality to the script by Chris D’Arienzo and familiar songs/lyrics continue to help hide the fact you are in a theatre and not a concert venue. You end up with an unexpectedly awesome night on the town.

And did we mention that this musical is perfect for guys who don’t usually end up at the theatre? Your machismo is completely safe-proof with this blatantly over-sexed rock musical. Think about Los Angeles in the 1980’s – it’s gritty, grimy and sex-crazed. Big hair, epically bad clothes and rock ‘n roll ruled the world. The chorus girls epitomize this fashion statement flawlessly with their hooker-style costumes, designed by Gregory Gale. Rock of Ages uses music from bands like: Journey, Styx, Pat Benatar, Poison, Foreigner and others to push the cute romantic love story between Drew (Constantine Maroulis) and Sherrie (Elicia MacKenzie) a long.

Trust me, it all works.

This production is top-notch quality. Constantine Maroulis, from American Idol fame, is almost too perfect for this role. His charming swagger, combined with his talented vocals, creates the perfect charisma. His stage presence and ability to rock out is undeniably impressive. Then, you have the beautiful Elicia MacKenzie playing opposite of Constantine. When they sing together they literally are a force to behold. They sounded so fierce together.

The stage band, directed by Brandon Ethridge, was also extremely fun to watch. They opened the show with a legendary rock guitar chord and continued to rock out for the rest of the show.

San Francisco had a special treat on opening night when Constantine, at the end of the show, introduced Journey, Night Ranger, and Mr. Big to join the cast of Rock of Ages on stage. Watch below:

Even Knight Ranger loved Rock of Ages. They said, “We love the way Rock of Ages KICKED ASS at the Curran Theatre. That’s the way to do it in our HOMETOWN!”

Watching the video, you can feel the excitement that was in the theatre! The energy was infectious and that’s how it was the entire night. It’s almost impossible that Rock of Ages won’t put you into a good mood.


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