Poll: What new Broadway Musical are you Most Excited for?

Last week, I posted my thoughts about all of the new Broadway musicals that are opening this Spring, but I want to know what my readers are most looking forward to! Take the poll below!

Tell us why in the comments!!


7 thoughts on “Poll: What new Broadway Musical are you Most Excited for?

  1. Because with this creative team and the subject matter it will enrage many, be irreverent, and give the blasted, bigmouth, self-important blogosphere something to bitch about beside Spiderman!

  2. Wonderland: A New Musical. I’ve seen this show even before it was Broadway bound and I must say that it has grown incredibly. There might be some argument with the casting side of it, but I know that once it open it will attract a huge audience for the community. This show has so many clever characters and music, which if you pay close attention to, it has a part for almost every ethnicity. Which will then attract a bigger and more diverse audience. Looking forward to the previews, so that they can polish it and surprise us all with a new musical adventure!

  3. I am excited for the revival of ANYTHING GOES and the new musicals, CATCH ME F YOU CAN and SISTER ACT. Awards season will be interesting this year… 😉

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