Happy One-Year Anniversary to The Broadway Critic!

Today is the day! I started The Broadway Critic one-year ago today.

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly. I’ve hit a couple of major milestones for the site, as well as for myself.

My top 10 posts over the last year:

  1. Theatre Review: “The Lion King” @ Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, 2/20/10
  2. Top 15 Broadway Posters of the 2000s
  3. Five Broadway Shows You Should Skip
  4. The 1st Preview of “Women on the Verge…”
  5. Listening to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Weber
  6. Listening to GLEE – “Hell-o” – Season #1, Episode #14
  7. “The Book of Mormon Musical” Coming to Broadway 2011
  8. Theatre Review: “Fela!” @ Eugene O’Neill, 01/16/10
  9. Listening to GLEE – “Bad Reputation” – Season #1, Episode #17
  10. Musical Spotlight: “Mozart L’Opera Rock”

I just want to thank my readers for being so awesome! You guys regularly make my day. Thanks for reading and keeping this site interesting! It’s really been an exciting adventure this past year and I can’t wait for year two!

The Bay Area has such an interesting array of theatres and productions to see. I’m so lucky that I can be a part of the theatre community here – as a performer, as a musical director and a critic. The theatre community has opened their arms to me and I really appreciate it! I can’t wait to perform in more shows, musically direct others and witness some of the best theatre I’ve seen in my life!

Here’s to year two on The Broadway Critic!


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