Broadway San Jose Announces New 2010-11 Season

Burn the FloorSeptember 21-26, 2010

It’s interesting that Broadway San Jose is opening their 2010-2011 season with Burn the Floor because it started right here in the Bay Area at San Francisco’s Post Theatre less than a year ago. From San Francisco, it transferred to Broadway where it performed at a limited run at Longacre Theatre. I saw neither productions but it would seem that some of their audience base will have already seen this dance sensation. Maybe no one will care, since dance has become again popularized because of the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the TV show, I am excited that I’ll finally get a chance to see this.

Rain: A Tribute to the BeatlesOctober 26-31, 2010

While technically not a musical, Rain: A Tribue to the Beatles, is a obviously a really great tribute band singing Beatles’ tunes. “The history of Rain actually predates the Broadway hit “Beatlemania”, from which Rain’s all-star cast was recruited. No other group can claim the level of talent and true musicianship contained within this band.” For a musical theatre lover, as myself, I am a bit disappointed that it’s not a musical, but hey I might just be surprised by this one. Keep your fingers crossed! Catch up on your Beatles’ music by buying the complete anthology or playing some Beatles’ Rock Band. Read a review here.

The Color Purple – November 23-28, 2010

L.A. just finished a run of The Color Purple to critical acclaim. Fantasia was starring in it and when she actually showed up to a performance, I heard it was extremely heart-breaking! I have a feeling that because of Fantasia’s vocal issues, (she’s had a lot of problems, even since she was on Broadway) she will never be able to continue the run into November. Out of all of the shows in the season, this one is the most exciting. The Color Purple will be making it’s South Bay debut (maybe Bay Area?) and it will be nice to finally see this musical.

Grease – January 18-23, 2011

Really? Didn’t this just come through San Francisco last year with Taylor Hicks? (Blech!) The revival wasn’t even a hit on Broadway and it had the TV show, “You’re the One That I Want” to help publicize it. Even though I’ve never seen a professional production of Grease (I’ve seen it so many times at the high school level), I’m thinking there could have been a better choice.

Fiddler on the RoofMarch 15-20, 2011

The touring cast of Fiddler on the Roof, starring Harvey Fierstein just played the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco last month. I’m doubting that Fierstein will be a part of this tour when it comes to San Jose next Spring. So who will be Tevye? I’m not sure, but hopefully someone who’s just as funny as Fierstein but can also sing. Filled with a rousing, heartwarming score, which includes “Tradition,” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were A Rich Man” and “Sunrise, Sunset,” Fiddler on the Roof is a timeless classic.

Stomp – April 12-17, 2010

Even though I’ve never seen this, I figured that Stomp was a lackluster choice for Broadway San Jose’s season until I read more in the press release:

The international percussive hit, Stomp, is making its triumphant return to the Bay Area bringing new surprises, updated and restructured sections of the show and the addition of two new full-scale routines — the biggest changes since the late 1990’s.

Okay, now I’m sold. I’m so glad they’ve updated the performance to bring something new to it, so it stays edgy and current, while remaining true to the original production. (Riverdance should have thought about doing that as well.) Bring the stomp on; I’m ready for it!

Mamma Mia – June 7-12, 2011

I listed Mamma Mia as one of the “Five Broadway Shows You Should Skip” mostly because it’s taking up the beautiful Winter Garden Theatre and it’s not letting other new and exciting shows replace it. Now, because it’s coming on tour, I don’t have the same opinion. I’m happy to see this show (since it’s one of those Broadway “staples” that I’ve never seen). But, it better be a better cast than the cast that performed on the Tony’s last year or I will walk out. Let’s hope for the best!!

Overall, I think that Broadway San Jose was overlooked by all of the new touring productions like: Next to Normal, Mary Poppins, Shrek, 9 to 5, Billy Elliot and Rock of Ages. But, that’s probably because San Francisco gets first dibs on what shows come through the Bay Area. What I don’t understand is why people don’t people grasp the fact that San Jose has a population of over a million and is the 10th largest city in America and 3rd in the State?

Subscriptions run from $140 to $425 and for that amount, seven shows is a great deal. But it all depends on whether or not you’ve already seen these shows! And, I’m betting that most of you have seen at least four, and others five or six. Interestingly enough, I’ve only seen one.

WHERE: San Jose Center for the Performing Arts – 255 Almaden Blvd, San Jose

TICKETS: For season ticket information, the public may call (866) 395-2929 or visit


9 thoughts on “Broadway San Jose Announces New 2010-11 Season

  1. this is a response to a post that i posted on broadway san jose’s facebook wall.

    “i too was a bit underwhelmed with this release. while this current season was/is great, it’s not like it was “new and cutting edge”. all shows that came to SJ had already played in SF: Spring Awakening (08), Avenue Q (07), Spamalot (09), and Legally Blonde (pre-broadway tryouts in 07). this season was exciting because even those these weren’t new shows, all shows were very good (and worth seeing again for me).

    you have to realize that SJ is now competing with SF to bring shows to the south bay. shnsf has been around for a long time; this is broadway sj’s 2nd season. i think a lot of touring companies still think that shnsf reaches the entire bay area. Im in the south bay, yet i have a season subscription to SF shows. There’s no point for shows to come to both SF and SJ in the same tour cycle, since national tours know that people will still flock to SF for new shows. im pretty sure shnsf will bring in Hair, Next to Normal, Billy Elliot, and Shrek for next year’s season.

    i still want to see 4 of the 7 shows that broadway san jose’s bringing in, so im most likely going to renew my season tickets.”

  2. I was happy to see this list. It has made the decision to cancel my subscription a no-brainer. I still mourn SJCLO/AMTSJ, but if this is the best Broadway San Jose can do, I’ll divert my ticket-buying funds to local community theater productions instead.

  3. Yawn. I’m curious whether they didn’t make the money they needed to this year on the more interesting shows and needed to sell out to actually sell more tickets? I know I won’t go see any of those musicals next year, but I did see a few this year in San Jose. I sure hope SHNSF brings Next to Normal, In the Heights, 9 to 5, Billy Elliot, Shrek. At least those would make me want to go to the theatre. I miss AMTSJ. At least the boring shows had people I know in them so that part was fun!

    1. Yeah, I miss AMTSJ as well! I wish, they would mix it up. Send some of the “2nd teir” touring shows to SF and then give us some of these “1st rate” shows to San Jose. Let’s make San Francisco theatre-goers have to come to SAN JOSE for a change! I think that would blow their minds though.

      1. haha personally I’m from San Jose and live in SF so don’t mind either location. Most hard core theatre goers would travel a distance of about an hour (assuming non commute time) for a good show from either direction.

  4. Perhaps you should have went to see Grease when it passed through. Most see something before they critisize.
    Its a very good show and Taylor Hicks cameo performance is the reason they have had such a successful tour that they extended it.

  5. This seasons picks were clearly safe choices because I know for a fact there were lots of complaints about the past season and the highest selling show was Riverdance. So by picking safer choices, BSJ is hoping to please their older patrons who were disgruntled by the “racier” titles that were, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air! It was so nice to see San Jose getting newer touring shows. I’m still holding out hope for next season though. Right now they have to test the waters with their audience and see what is liked and what isn’t liked. Hopefully next season will be a mixture of “traditional” shows and newer, contemporary titles.

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