Listening to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Weber (Part 2)


Last month, I gave you a bit of a preview of Love Never Dies but only two songs from the upcoming production. Now there’s more!!!

I’m totally intrigued by the cast recording. It’s really quite dramatic and the orchestrations are absolutely stunning especially in the “Coney Island Waltz” and “Entr’acte”. There’s no denying that Christine Daaé (Sierra Boggess) and the Phantom (Ramin Karimloo) are extremely talented with incredibly beautiful voices. As I’m learning more about the story, I’m actually intrigued and the music is very easy to listen to! I’m really looking forward to seeing this in June during my trip to London.

Here’s a plot from the Love Never Dies website:

The principal characters of The Phantom of the Opera continue their stories in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies.

Ten years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from the Paris Opera House, Christine Daaé accepts an offer to come to America and perform at New York’s fabulous new playground of the world – Coney Island.

Arriving in New York with her husband Raoul and their son Gustave, Christine soon discovers the identity of the anonymous impresario who has lured her from France to sing.

This brand-new show is a roller coaster ride of obsession and intrigue…in which music and memory can play cruel tricks… and The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, Love Never Dies.

For your listening pleasure, here’s a few of my favorites so far! (Granted, I’ve only listened to the whole 2-disc recording one time through!)

Make sure you pre-order the CD on Amazon. It comes out March 9th.

“Til I Hear You Sing (Once More)”

“The Beauty Underneath”

“Love Never Dies”

Watch the Official Music Video for “Til I Hear You Sing”


One thought on “Listening to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Weber (Part 2)

  1. The music from Love Never Dies is extraordinary. I recently acquired the CD and am playing it non stop. I saw the show week before last in London. Truly a stunning show. Can’t wait to see it again in New York. Heart wrenching performances, amazing special effects and some of the most memorable music that I’ve ever heard. This will be a classic.

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