Listening to “Wonderland the Musical” by Frank Wildhorn

Okay, I’m gonna be truthful here: I’m not totally sold on the new Frank Wildhorn musical, Wonderland. I’m trying to put my biases aside (I don’t really like Wildhorn’s music that much) and have an open mind but some of these songs are drenched with over-the-top pastiches of musical genres from Boy Band to Latin Pop (think Ricky Martin in 1999). But, it looks like the music matches the overall sentiment because if you look at the costumes, everything looks over-the-top. So maybe when you see the show, it’s all alright and it works (maybe?).

BroadwayGirlNYC went and saw Wonderland in Houston, Texas and wrote up a detailed review.  She states, “Wonderland is the perfect antidote to the Disney musical. Young audience members will love the bold colors and the sight gags (watch as Alice rewinds time and the actors move and speak backwards!) but it won’t feel like “kids theatre” to their parents.” But then she also says that, “…the storyline is wobbly in parts… and I hear that the creatives are still experimenting with the order of the songs.” Hmm… sounds exactly what an out-of-town try-out is suppose to be.

But what is your first impression of this show? What do you think of the songs? Are you a Wildhorn fan?

And the most important question: Do you think it will be successful on Broadway?

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Listen to Wonderland, the musical:

“Worst Day of My Life”

“One Knight”

“Through the Looking Glass”

“Love Begins”

“Finding Wonderland”

Poll: Do you think Wonderland should go to Broadway?


10 thoughts on “Listening to “Wonderland the Musical” by Frank Wildhorn

  1. i saw this show and ADORDED IT..i was lucky enough to talk to the amazing Darren Ritchie. I’m an actress myself and found this as one of the best shows i’ve ever seen!

  2. i went to this show 4 times 3 times in Tampa, Florida and then flew to Houston Texas. this show is so up lifting and you can really relate to real life! it should hit Broadway! it has such a talented cast! hope it comes back to life soon.

  3. As we announced today our impending Broadway transfer (and Tampa return), I found this old piece. Part of our Broadway Genesis Project ideal was to start from scratch and work to a goal. We never thought we’d start from a finished place. That said, I’m biased from being able to have aided in a very small piece of this. Follow our progress at or Regardless of your verdict, thanks for keeping the conversation alive!

  4. I am also enough of a musical theatre fan to hate Wildhorn. I really think he is so repetitive in his melodic movement. The greatest problem with this tendency is that is does not fit the show (i.e. Jekyll). However, in “Wonderland” it is so fitting…I wish he had been writing Disney movies for the last ten years. The few songs I have heard sound like gold mines…especially “Love Begins” which obviously takes the majority of its melody from Jacques Brel’s “Carousel”…. of course there is “Finding wonderland” which is pure brilliance as a finale…best of luck for this show!

  5. I enjoy Wildhorn but I’m more aware of his flaws as a composer than I was when I was first getting into musical theater. He’s worse with stealing motifs from his shows than Andrew Lloyd Webber. As for Wonderland, from what I’ve heard, in it’s current state, this show ain’t exactly giving The Book of Mormon or Catch Me If You Can a run for their money.

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