Listening to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Webber





I have a sneak peak for you of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical (the sequel of Phantom of the Opera) titled, Love Never Dies. Here is the synopsis from “Love Never Dies continues the story of the Phantom of the Opera, who has moved from his lair in the Paris Opera house to haunt the fairgrounds of Coney Island, far across the Atlantic. Set 10 years after the mysterious disappearance of the Phantom from Paris, this show is a rollercoaster ride of obsession and intrigue, in which music and memory can play cruel tricks, and the Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, “Love Never Dies.”

Now I have to be honest and say, I wasn’t too intrigued by the synopsis. Dare I call it, hokey and a bit ridiculous, but then I listened to the two album tracks. Wow!

You’ll be able to purchase the album March 8, 2010 but only from

It opens on Broadway on November 11, 2010.

“Till I Hear You Sing (Once More)”

“Coney Island Waltz”


11 thoughts on “Listening to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Webber

  1. There is nothing “wow” about either of those two tracks. The former uses a recycled melody from Lloyd Webber’s last flop, THE WOMAN IN WHITE, and combines it with awful lyrics like “the day starts/the day ends/time goes by”. The Phantom wouldn’t be seen dead singing those lyrics (by the way, did we mention that the Phantom DOES DIE at the end of the original story?). The second simply reworks the fairground music Lloyd Webber wrote for the awful 2004 film version of PHANTOM.

    The fans do not want LOVE NEVER DIES, and rightly so. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA needs no sequel, least of all one as ridiculous as this. Find out the truth about LOVE NEVER DIES at


  2. I think you were right the first time. It’s likely to be hokey and ridiculous (wait til you get a load of the Christine automaton).

    I think that the music will be hummable. When isn’t Lloyd Webber’s music tuneful? —But what I’ve heard so far isn’t outstanding, and the lyrics of “Til I Hear You Sing Again” are ordinary, unoriginal, and even lame in places.

    I wish Webber had turned his hand to some other story. The original Phantom of the Opera has been entertaining people for over twenty years with an ending that sends many out of the theater with tears in their eyes. It doesn’t need a sequel.

  3. This musical will be a success. People need to stop blasting this musical and Lord Webber. Andrew is a genous at musicals and this will be a success, you watch…So for those who keep blasting this musical, MEANING YOU LOVE DOES DIE, LEAVE UR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF, AND STOP TELL PEOPLE NOT TO SEE THIS…..

    1. Brian, ALW hasn’t had a surefire hit in almost 2 decades now. And telling others who disagree with you to keep their comments to themselves is just immature.

      And yes, for the record I completely agree with Love Should Die.


    In ALW’s ill-conceived PHANTOM sequel, based on Frederick Forsyth’s flop novella widely panned by the critics, THE PHANTOM OF MANHATTAN, Raoul is turned into an alcoholic, Christine is stupid enough to accept an invitation to an attraction called PHANTASMA, and the Phantom is turned into a rapist as the father of her child (they didn’t sleep together in the original, which can only mean rape!).

    LOVE NEVER DIES also includes the worst ever lyrics to a Lloyd Webber musical (“the moments creep/yet I can’t bear to sleep”), recycled melodies (the title song is simply ‘Our Kind of Love’ from Lloyd Webber’s THE BEAUTIFUL GAME, while ‘Till I Hear You Sing’ is a reworking of ‘If Not For Me For Her’ from THE WOMAN IN WHITE), and nonsensical logic (why have the characters become younger in a SEQUEL? Why do they claim this story takes place “10 years later” when the difference between 1881 and 1907 is actually 26 years?).

    Worst of all, the sequel undermines the emotional impact of the original that has kept PHANTOM running for over 20 years. Will audiences really cry in the final scene of the original when they know that “the story continues” down the road? Don’t count on it.

    In short, this is an abomination. Do not support it.

  5. I went to school with Sierra, so am very excited for her to be making her West End debut in a new musical…BUT I am in agreement with the other naysayers on here. This show flatlines compared to the original “Phantom” and his other ‘good’ shows like “Evita” and “Superstar”. Musical sequals NEVER work so I doubt this one will either.

  6. Having listened to it,
    It’s horrible….

    I loved Phantom Of The Opera and Weebers other works Cats and Starlight Express and all 3 of those are awesome.

    This is just fairground crap for the first half with only glimpses of the emotion/epic music that was the Phantom of The Opera. The second half isn’t much better though atleast in the second half the songs are more melodic and operatic like the Phantom Of The Opera.

    Short tracks, one of which is just a remix of Phantom of the Opera/Music Of The Night for all intensive purposes

    Doesn’t help that obviously they have a different cast whom all sound very amateur.

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