Upcoming Broadway Shows #2

A few months back, I posted about the new, upcoming Broadway shows that included: Fela, A Little Night Music and Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. Two of those have opened and the latter is still totally up in the air. According to Playbill.com, Spiderman is “…suffering from a mountain of bad word-of-mouth and backstage gossip about its future, the latest word from the Julie Taymor-directed, Bono-The Edge-scored mega-musical is that it would open in “2010” (the previous start date was more specific, Feb. 25) and that Reeve Carney would star in the title role.” I’m not banking on February 25th at all. I’m thinking it will open in the summer time and completely ignore this year’s Tony Awards.

Interestingly enough, we have some big-time shows opening up on Broadway in the next coming months, but nothing that seems Tony-worthy (except for one).

Chicago Playbill

The Addams Family – a new musical – starts previews on March 4th and officially opens on April 8th, 2010. It’s had a bit of a rocky start, but they’ve just added Jerry Zaks to take over the production and supervise significant changes, the show’s producers told The New York Times. Plus, the NY Post theatre gossip columnist, Michael Riedel, has been fighting with Nathan Lane. I have a feeling that critics are going to have the same reaction to it as Young Frankenstein and while there are some big names in this production – Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, won’t even be able to save it. Read a review, here.

Promises, Promises – the first ever revival – starts March 27th and opens April 25, 2010. Directed and choreographed by Rob Ashford, the New York-set tale, based on “The Apartment,” stars Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes. Are you excited about this one? I think it’s really only exciting because of the two stars, but if shows like Ragtime and Finian’s Rainbow can’t stay open for more than a couple of months, then unless this show is spectacular, then we don’t think it’s gonna be around past the summer.

Million Dollar Quartet is about “…four fledgling rock and rollers — Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins — gather in Sam Phillips’ Sun Records studio and there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on.” Sounds like a whole lotta’ mess to me. It starts on March 13th and officially opens on April 11th, 2010.


Come Fly With Me – a new musical – based on Frank Sinatra’s music and choregraphed/directed by Twyla Thorp. Celebrating life and love, Come Fly With Me, follows four couples falling in and out of love.  The show shares the full spectrum of emotion we all know as “this thing called love.” There isn’t any official announcement yet but look forward to it this Spring (probably late April into May). Hopefully, it’s better than The Times They Are a’Changin.

UPDATE: Come Fly With Me will fly into the Marquis Theatre on March 1st and open officially on March 25th, 2010 (earlier than I previously reported).

UPDATE #2: It’s really called Come Fly Away now and not Come Fly With Me. WTF? Why change the title? It’s just totally confusing.

Not official, but probable:

American Idiot hasn’t officially announced anything, but I think it’s one of the reasons that Finian’s Rainbow is closing on the 17th. I’ve heard that producers are eyeing the St. James theatre. I think if American Idiot opens this Spring, then it’s gonna win Best Musical at the Tony Awards. Read the review here.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Broadway Shows #2

  1. Really? We have to do a musical of Frank Sinatra’s music now? Don’t get me wrong, I love Frank but only Frank should do Frank.

  2. I know… I really only want to see “Addams Family” from this list, even though I think Kristin is adorable and I’d go see it. But none of these, really make me excited…. (except American Idiot, which I’ve seen 4 times already).

  3. First of all, Riedel and Lane are not ‘fighting’. Riedel, in his infinite wisdom decided to spread gossip (and as usual, gossip that was never verified) and Lane simply wrote a response to ask Riedel to give the out of town production a chance to come together. The reviews in Chicago were mixed but not horrible and there is no reason to believe Zaks cannot help them tighten the show in terms of time and focus. Unfortunately, the advent of the internet gives everyone a chance to weigh in while the house is still bein built. In these tough economic times, why don’t we try supporting the theater we love by giving productions a chance to prove themselves before we summarily kill them off?

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